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Aptitude and ability testing

At Bright Psychology we:

  • aim to help you reduce costs by helping you select the right candidate for a job
  • provide in depth psychometric assessments
  • customise our services to match your needs
  • deliver our work in a professional, consistent and timely manner
  • offer a range of convenient administration options including online and face-to-face assessments
  • provide clear and objective feedback and reports
  • have comprehensive expertise and hold psychometric testing qualifications recognised by the British Psychological Society

Aptitude and ability tests can be used alongside other selection methods to examine a persons' reasoning and cognitive abilities and help determine if they have the right skill set for a job role. These tests can be carried out online but are more often than not administered in supervised conditions. A persons’ score is then standardised so it can be compared objectively to a group of people of interest. For example, it is often the case that people are compared with others of a similar age, education or job criteria. Aptitude and ability tests can be presented in various formats but are generally time limited and multiple choice.

Common ability tests include measures of;

  • Verbal Reasoning - these look at a persons' ability to understand and evaluate written information then draw appropriate conclusions from that information.
  • Numerical Reasoning - these tests typically involve assessing a persons’ ability to apply their numeracy skills to a variety of problems in order to draw appropriate conclusions. A person may be asked questions relating to statistical charts, trends, interpreting graphic data and percentages.
  • Abstract Reasoning - these tests are usually based on diagrams and visual representations and measure a persons' ability to identify underlying logic of a pattern and then determine a solution.
  • Spatial Reasoning - these tests measure a persons’ ability to manipulate shapes in two dimensions and visualise three dimensional objects presented as two-dimensional pictures.

The British Psychological Society provide further information on psychometric testing


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