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At Bright Psychology we:

  • have many years of experience assessing adults in education and employment with a range of specific learning difficulties
  • are trained to a high standard in a number of professional psychological applications
  • able to deliver face-to-face assessments in a sensitive and informative way
  • provide helpful and informative feedback to highlight strengths and identify areas of difficulty

Dyspraxia is a common disorder affecting fine and gross motor co-ordination in children and adults. An individual's co-ordination difficulties may affect participation and functioning of everyday life skills in education, work or employment. There may be a range of co-occuring difficulties which can also have impacts on daily life such as emotional difficulties, problems with time management, organising ideas and concepts, planning, personal organisation and learning new skills (SpLD Assessments Standards Committee, SASC).

Bright Psychology works with a variety of organisations and individuals carrying out specific learning difficulty assessments. For dyspraxia, this usually involves providing updated assessment reports in order to help a person at work or in education. We advise consultation with a suitable qualified health professional with expertise in this area, such as physiotherapist or occupational therapist in order to establish particular physical aspects of dyspraxia.

The types of assessments we carry out are for:

  • Students at college or university who are applying for access arrangements or Disabled Student Allowance
  • Employers and employees requiring assessment and advice regarding reasonable adjustments
  • People over the age of 16 years who may require an assessment to identify strengths or weaknesses in areas of learning

The assessment usually takes 2 hours and involves answering some questions, completing some questionnaires and psychometric tests. The results are provided at the end of the assessment and followed up with a detailed report.


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Bright Psychology is a family run company based in the North East of England.

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