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Intelligence testing

At Bright Psychology we:

  • aim to help you reduce costs by helping you select the right candidate for a job
  • provide in depth psychometric assessments
  • customise our services to match your needs
  • deliver our work in a professional, consistent and timely manner
  • offer a range of convenient administration options including online and face-to-face assessments
  • provide clear and objective feedback and reports
  • have comprehensive expertise and hold psychometric testing qualifications recognised by the British Psychological Society

Intelligence tests measure a wide range of human behaviours and allow a uniform way of comparing a persons' performance with other people of a similar age. They can be used within educational, health and occupational settings and can be very helpful in identifying a persons’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses. When taking an intelligence test, a person can expect to do a variety of tasks. These tasks may include answering verbal questions, completing spatial awareness and logical reasoning tasks and remembering information. Some tasks are timed and require a person to work through them as quickly as possible. At Bright Psychology we use intelligence tests as part of an assessment in order to identify a persons’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses. We have many years experience of using these tests in a variety of contexts, but always aim to provide realistic and positive feedback to an individual.

The British Psychological Society provide further information on psychometric testing


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