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Neuropsychological assessment

At Bright Psychology we:

  • are able to carry out complex neuropsychological assessments
  • take time to ensure our assessments are carried out in a sensitive manner
  • provide informative and helpful feedback
  • can comment on issues such as return to work or reasonable adjustments following brain injury with employers
  • have worked closely with a number of organisations such as Case Management Services, Digby Brown, NHS Lanarkshire and Scottish Courts and Tribunals on cases

A Neuropsychological assessment involves answering some questions and completing some tests with a psychologist. The tests may involve looking at memory, learning, planning, attention and concentration, executive functioning as well as a person's psychological status.

A Neuropsychological assessment is normally carried out by a specialist psychologist who looks at aspects of cognition and behaviour, including examining the effects of any brain injury or neuropathological process that a person may have experienced. This type of assessment is often appropriate in circumstances where a person may have suspected injury or impairment of brain functioning.

A neuropsychological usually takes up to 4 hours to complete and sessions can be split up according to a persons’ requirements. Feedback is usually provided following the assessment and results are interpreted and presented in a detailed report. The whole process can take up to 10-12 hours and may depend on the amount of documents that we have to review and the amount of cognitive testing required.


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