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Personality profiling

At Bright Psychology we:

  • aim to help you reduce costs by helping you select the right candidate for a job
  • provide in depth psychometric assessments
  • customise our services to match your needs
  • deliver our work in a professional, consistent and timely manner
  • offer a range of convenient administration options including online and face-to-face assessments
  • provide clear and objective feedback and reports
  • have comprehensive expertise and hold psychometric testing qualifications recognised by the British Psychological Society

Personality assessments are often used alongside other selection methods to predict how a person is likely to think, feel and interact in a particular work environment. They assess aspects of behaviour, attitudes and opinions as well as motivation, beliefs, interest and values. Personality assessments are more often than not delivered in questionnaire format and there is no right or wrong answers. They can be completed online or in paper and pencil format. Once a questionnaire is completed then scores are standardised so a profile can be plotted. A person’s results may be compared to the characteristics considered essential for the job they are applying for.

The British Psychological Society provide further information on psychometric testing


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