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Selection and Assessment

At Bright Psychology we:

  • aim to help you reduce costs by helping you select the right candidate
  • have comprehensive expertise and professional training that allows us to provide you with in depth psychometric assessments of a potential candidate
  • can tailor our service to meet your needs in your search for the right employee
  • offer a range of convenient administration options including online and face-to-face assessments
  • are able to select job relevant psychometric tests by liaising closely with you and your organisation
  • deliver our work in a professional, consistent and timely manner
  • provide clear and objective feedback and reports
  • are registered with the British Psychological Society and Health and Care Professions Council

Many organisations use psychometric testing alongside other selection methods in their recruitment process. When used correctly these tests can add significant value to the selection process by helping an organisation see a clearer picture of a potential candidate, and in doing so avoid costly errors associated with making the wrong selection decision. We believe that feedback from a well-validated, job-relevant psychometric test can be extremely beneficial to the organisation and candidate. It is known that psychometric profiling adds another dimension to the recruitment process that an interview alone can't provide, and helps to predict whether a candidate is a good fit.

Many employers value psychometric tests because they offer a fair way of comparing different candidates’ strengths regardless of educational background. There are many types of psychometric tests that look at different aspects of functioning including emotional intelligence, aptitude tests, personality profiling, intelligence testing and attainment tests which can all be tailored to your requirements in searching for the right employee.


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Bright Psychology is a family run company based in the North East of England.

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