Bright Psychology

Mental Health Awareness Workshops

We provide expert designed, evidence based workshops to help improve your employees mental wellbeing.

Mental Health Workshops

Our workshops are designed for employers and managers. We offer an initial free consultation with a psychologist to discuss your training needs and objectives. The workshops are tailored made to your specific requirements. 

Who we are

Bright Psychology are industry qualified psychologists and work directly with businesses in the finance, I.T, construction and insurance sectors to deliver in-person mental health training. 

We deliver tailored half day and full day workshops to your staff that are focused on positive psychology and attitude change.

We also understand the benefits sport and exercise play on physical and mental wellbeing and combine both elements in the workshops to improve the wellbeing of your staff.


Mental Health Workshops

For employers and managers.

We deliver tailored workshops to suit your needs. These are focused on impacting positive behavioural and attitude changes around the stigma associated with mental health in the workplace.

We recognise the need for valued mental health awareness and good evidence based promotion. We know talking about issues related to mental health is a positive step and effective communication is one of our core themes throughout our workshops. We also understand the benefits sport and exercise can play on physical and mental well being.

We firmly believe that combining both these elements improve people’s wellbeing.


“Staff thought the training session was excellent – the way session content was structured, together with your informal and responsive delivery, provided a valuable and demystifying insight into psychological assessment processes. Many staff commented on how engaging the session was from both a professional and personal perspective.

Thanks again for your time and for delivering a great session”

Lawrence Clayton

Higher Education Timetabling and Support Team Leader, Newcastle College