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What is Motivational Interviewing?

Motivational interviewing or “MI” helps people to make positive changes to their lifestyle. It’s a counselling technique which empowers people by drawing out what’s important to them and identifying their capacity for change. 


  • It’s a collaborative and goal orientated style of communication.
  • Designed to identify and strengthen personal motivation. 
  • Works towards personal and specific goals.
  • Follows an empathetic and directive approach to facilitate behaviour change. 
  • Increase a person’s interest in making positive behavioural changes.
  • Follows a safe and non judgemental approach.
  • Does not prescribe direct solutions. Instead, it encourages someone to make their own choices by helping them identify these.

What can Motivational Interviewing do for you?

  • Encourage behavioural change which contributes to positive mental and physical health outcomes. 
  • Explore, build confidence and motivation.
  • Identifies and encourages intrinsic motivation which taps into your reasons to change, rather than someone else’s. 
  • Moves you towards achieving short and long-term goals.

Is Motivational Interviewing for me?

Are you ready or thinking of making positive changes to your lifestyle in some way? It may be that you lack confidence and direction to get there, and this is where we can help!

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How all this works….

We’ll start with a free private and confidential 15 minute telephone conversation.

We may recommend up to 5 sessions which includes a review at the end. 

Session 1:

  • This is an initial chat which helps us both to decide if we’ll make a good partnership 
  • A detailed assessment of your needs
  • Some questionnaires to complete
  • An interview to formulate a plan

This information is used to get a deeper understanding of you and your needs.

Sessions 2 onwards:

  • We focus on identifying strengths, barriers to change, goals, commitment to taking action and positive planning 
  • A review will take place at the end of the final session to evaluate progress and future steps 

Sessions are delivered in a positive and engaging manner and the process is driven by you.

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