Mental Health Promotion Workshops

What’s different about our workshops?

These workshops are designed for employers and managers.

The content is theoretically and evidence based and we discuss mental illness and well being. The framework of these workshops will be goal orientated, motivating, challenging and underpinned with balanced and considered positive language.

  • Our workshops are tailored to your needs.
  • They are goal orientated and challenging.
  • We consider your situation, environment, and adjust our programme to help you the best we can.
  • We aim to make complex concepts easy to understand.
  • Delivery in a relaxed and approachable manner, putting you at ease and allowing you to get the most out of the workshop.

Delivery options

  • Online learning platform.
  • Live workshop with a psychologist.
  • Tailored.
positive mental health awareness

Live workshop:

  • Small group size to make personal, relaxed and easier to talk (8 maximum)
  • 3 x 3 hours workshop spread over 1 month (approximately)
  • Coaching and debrief 3 x 1 hour with psychologist if required

Workshop 1

Group assessment

Individual goal setting

Understanding mental health

Anxiety, depression and common mental health disorders

Effects of lockdown and social distancing?

Individual debrief with psychologist

Workshop 2

Review of previous workshop and goal evaluation

Treating mental illness; psychological theories and models

Spotting the signs

Effective communication

Individual debrief with psychologist

Sleep, fatigue and lifestyle – Key drivers of poor mental health at work

Workshop 3

Review of previous workshop and goal evaluation

Promoting a positive mindset

Sport and exercise

Blocks to change

Exercise initiative (good practice)

Practical advice and support

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